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Mystery solved.

I discovered why the blog name was misspelled.  Apparently this particular spelling was the only one available and the proper spelling was taken be a previous user.

Stay tuned, I’m working on alternate titles which are available and NOT misspelled, lol!

Happy Wednesday


I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog since before Christopher was born.
Then one thing lead to another and next thing we know, Christopher is walking, cutting teeth and getting into the terrible twos.
Today officially marks my first blog post which also happens to be the first time I’ve publicly opened up and freely discussed our happenings, viewpoints and milestones.  For some years I’ve kept myself open to the social network through Facebook and Myspace but those postings were sent to everyone regardless of affinity for our family, my thoughts or Christopher’s happenings.  All previous comments kept in mind, my blog will offer as an invitation to explore our delicate family and the many changes we’ve experienced as well as the changes will experience throughout our lives. I also invite you to see and know the simmering writer which has been itching to get out and express herself for a few years now. Please know this is a tiny step in the right direction towards ending my writer’s block which has massively stifled my inner creative spirit and choked my desire to embark on a writing expedition.

I’ll add some posts explaining how I came to be a writer and possibly some of my earlier works in the coming weeks but for now, I invite you to join me as I seek to express myself through the written word, armed only with a thesaurus and my adventures as Christopher’s mom.

Happy reading!